How To Make Your Blog Professional When YOU Aren't

Forming a blogging identity can be hard. The question is; should we go full out impersonal so that people look to us as a valued source of information or do we make it personal enough so that it feels as though we're friends with the readers? It's a tricky line. Having said that though, the myths that we spread among ourselves don't make it any easier. There's this odd idea floating around that being personal also means being unprofessional or that having a sense of professionalism means that your blog can't be personal. But that simply isn't the case.

Let's look at some popular online creators for example: Buzzfeed's 'The Try Guys', Casey Neistat and Zoella. Without a doubt, they are all professionals at what they do but, despite that, we still feel a personal connection to them. Why do we have a personal connection to them? How can we apply that to our blogs? Well, join me as I use obscure and quite often weird brand analogies to explain how we can boost our professionalism while keeping it personal.


The answer is simple; the tick. You know the one I'm talking about. The infamous logo is a sure sign that the product you're buying is Nike. When you see them on the street, you know that the shoes are Nike without the hassle of having to ask. In fact, this probably isn't even a concious thought anymore. It certainly isn't to me. The tick is simply to synonomous to the brand, that to associate it with anything else would be extremely odd. If, ignoring copyright issues, Adidas were to start putting that same tick on their products we would all be at a loss because we know the tick. We understand that the tick is Nike.

Hold on a second: why is this relevant to your blog? You're not a clothing brand. Let's think about it for a minute. Having a logo ensures that people know who you are. It sparks recognition in them when they see it or tells them who the author of this post is. Of course very few will ever gain the 'household name' status, but it's inumerably helpful to gaining traffic and making a place for yourself – even if it is just your name written in a pretty font. Having a familiar symbol on your content helps your readers to differentiate your posts from the rest.


When you walk into a candle shop, you expect the store to be stuffed to the brim with candles. Imagine if Yankee Candles only had a single shelf dedicated to candles while the rest of the shop was littered with coconuts, clothes and cooked eggs. The customers would be a little lost (to say the least). This is because there is nothing to pull the store together. The products aren't united under the brand's mission statement and it's honestly a bit of a mess.

Basically what I'm saying is that you need a theme. It doesn't have to be a specific niche, although that would work too; it could aslo be a specific way that you edit your posts, a specific way you end your posts or the same colour scheme in each photo. Really anything that makes your posts look more uniform and put together. Whether it's two posts about fashion or two posts that have used the same canva template, it's cohesion. It will make linear sense to your readers.


We all expect Chanel to be elegant; luxurious. We have certain expectations of a place that sells clothes for that much and they, generally, tend to meet them. Their shops are polished and neat. The walls are light, neutral colours. The attendants are polite. The pieces on the racks are the crazyiest things there and that's what we want our blogs to be like.

Minimalism is a huge thing right now. It makes things look clean and it draws the eye to the more important things. In general, there is a huge lack of clutter. We too can make our blogs like that. It doesn't matter what hosting system you use – blogger, wordpress, wix, squarespace – all of them are customisable. All of them can be made attractive. Having too many loud aspects in your blog design can be extremely distracting and take away from the valuable content that you are creating. This is exactly what we don't want to happen. Instead, use a theme that is polished which automatically adds profesionalism to your material.



When most people think of Elon Musk, they think Tesla and vice versa. He's the face of the brand. Now this has it's pros and cons. If people like him, then they buy the product. If people think he's a sack of shit, then they don't and the stocks fall. An important example: when he called the saviour of the boys trapped in a cave for days a 'pedo'. Tesla stock took a nosedive after that and it only went back up again after he apologised. 

I'm not saying that you should hide your political views or refrain from posting about anything other than your blog – that would be ludacris. Instead, I'm just recommending that you stay consistent. Elon Musk has a precense and you should try to have that too. I'm talking Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest. Something that isn't just your blog. Now, despite what many people will tell you, you don't need all of them. Especially not if it will be difficult to keep them all up to date. Focusing on one and keeping it consistent is a brilliant way of staying on the top of the ball. As a seperate example, an influencer that I like promotes her Instagram but hasn't posted for 2 years. That lack of activity makes it feel as though she's not there; like it's an idea without action and, as a result, she becomes less professional in my eyes. Following through with things makes you seem professional and this is extremely important if your blog has any kind of personal value. 


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What do you think about my tips? Do you have any tips of your own?


  1. These are such great points, I love how unique your approach is :D some of these I hadn't even thought about before, thanks so much for this! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

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