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My mum on fashion goes a bit like this; she looks down on trends, anything that isn't linen and things that highlight your butt – but, honestly, that's fine. It's her own personal style and I can't really fault her for that. I'm a huge believer that we should all be allowed room to find out own style without anyone else telling us otherwise. Got an outfit straight out a magazine? Brilliant! Found all of your tops in our grandmother's closet? Also brilliant!

I think what's important is that you find something that works for you and realise that style is not one size fits all. Don't cramp other people's style and don't let other people cramp your style either. In this post, I've collected 4 different YouTubers who are amazingly helpful in respects to finding and maintaining your sense of fashion! If you're constantly struggling with the dilemma of having a full closet but nothing to wear or at a loss with all the current trends; look no further! Give all of these amazing content creators a watch.

Erin Elizabeth. Erin posts a whole range of things, but I think that it's her fashion videos that really shine. My favourite video of hers is Shop Your Closet: How to Create Different Outfits From the Clothes You Have which is a really thoughtful video that promotes less waste and more style! Focusing on one item of clothing and creating countless outfits around it has been really useful in clearing out my wadrobe. Versitality is key.

Giedre Kavaliunaite. I have a completely different style to Giedre, but I am in love with all of the helpful videos that help you with your own style! She has an amazing video called From Girl To a Woman | 7 Outfits which I thought was incredibly interesting. I've never seen anything remotely similar in my many hours of combing through YouTube videos and this seems like it would be something quite useful to a whole bunch of people.

Dearly Bethany. I've only just discovered Bethany and, not to be weird or anything, her voice is really really soothing to listen to. Her style is very classic in that, she dresses beautifully yet appears to solely use the basics to craft her outfits. There's a lot of neutral colours in her palette. My favourite video of hers is How to Look Taller & Slimmer – Petite Tips for Wearing Flats because I'm short myself and think that a lot of people would find this sort of thing interesting.

Lauren Messiah. I feel a little bit uncomfortable recommending her YouTube channel to you. While her videos and tips are insanely creative, she does give off the impression that she thinks less of fashion bloggers / youtubers. Personal feelings aside; her videos are amazing! She's a full-time stylist which means that she has loads of insightful information that can make or break an outfit. Lauren also doses us with a little bit of reality when it comes to models and celebrities. My personal favourite of hers is the Pinterest Life vs Real Life series which dissects why Pinterest looks never look quite as good on us as they do in the pictures. I honestly didn't know I needed the videos in my life before I watched it, so definitely give it a try!


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THIS POST TAUGHT US: There are WAY too many underrated YouTubers that we all need to appreciate.

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  1. I love some fashion recommendations - it feels like less and less creators do this kind of content now <3

    G is for Gingers xx


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