10 Controversial and Unpopular Bookish Opinions

So I recently saw a meme going around Twitter that urges people to like their post in exchange for unpopular bookish opinions. I thought it was a pretty good idea! So written down in this post are 10 controversial opinions that I currently hold on books and the bookish community. If anything pisses you off (which it 100% might) feel free to politely message me on my Twitter @itsfleurbooks or email me.

1 Just so you know, I am 100% for diversity but ethnic diversity in a singular book is having people of all different colours, and yes, that includes white people. Having said that, overall diversity in the literature industry is having authors and characters of different ethnicities in different books.

2 People should be allowed to write about other people’s experiences as long as they’ve done their research. Policing what people can and can’t write about isn’t cool.

3 While I respect the topic of Rupi Kaur's books, the style of poetry books like hers and Lang Leav's are
not that

4 Secondhand books are just as good, if not better than new ones. Obviously support the author monetarily if you can but I’m so done with people looking down on those who buy things second hand.

5 J.K. Rowling is overrated but her books are legendary.

6 The Hunger Games are important books and not just wishy-washy YA. If you actually give the book a chance, it’s a scary and likely dystopia. We can all learn something from the Hunger Games.

7 90% of all contemporary books have the same exact plot and love interest.

8 Bookmarks are not needed most of the time.

9 I don’t understand why people won't read the classics based on discriminatory reasons. Oh, and I say this as a POC. Yes, classics can be racist but they’re also important sources for understanding our history and literary history. As long as you understand the context and how wrong many of these things were, then it should be okay-ish right?

10 Rating problematic books, such as Carve the Mark, based on a couple of people’s opinion aka not your own, can be more problematic than the book itself.

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