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Q: Name a book that changed your life.

There is no singular book that has changed my life, however there have been a whole load that made me into the person that I am today. This is basically going to be a post about my favourite childhood books, and the effect that they had on me – hopefully it doesn't get too boring.

1 Books that sparked my interest for history. I used to be obsessed with the 'horrible histories' books and the tv show. They painted the past in such an enchanting way, that it was hard for little me to not be enchanted by it. They managed to make history fun! I was also kind of in love with The Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence which, without me actively trying to read diverse books, were pretty diverse.
2 Books that carved my love for fantasy. Mermaid Curse by Louise Cooper, Ingo by Helen Dunmore, The Fire Within by Chris d'Lacey and The Dragon Keeper Series by Carole Wilkinson. Yes, these are primarily about dragons and mermaids (of which I don't read too much about anymore) but they definitely have a special place in my heart. Both of the dragon books were about older protagonists, who I watched grow into themselves and who gave me a sense of how I was going to grow up. Both mermaid books were about family, siblings and love. No matter what, they were all beautiful and sparked my love for not only fantasy, but for reading as well.
3 Books that helped me realise that the world wasn't all daisies and ice cream. Pretty much all of the Shannon Hale books that I read growing up. These books were filled with terrible people doing terrible things, but I really managed to feel for the main characters. They were good people who had terrible things happen to them, and I thought that was rather unfair but I learnt to accept it. Sure, it might be a little dark but that's life.

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  1. i also don't know if there is a particular book that changed my life. i had books that deeply impacted me and were very thought-provoking, but to say that a certain book made me who i am feels too intense. i guess, every book that i've read since i started reading, as a small kid, helped me to figure out who i am today. of course, some did more than others, but i don't know if i could really narrow down to one.

  2. OH this is such an interesting topic. I don't know either if I could pinpoint a book that actually changed my life. I know there are books that had such an impact on me, books that are among my favorite books for sure :)

  3. For me it would be Outlander. I got me back into reading after 4 years of studying English Lit in college.

    Terri M., the Director

  4. Yes, omg there are so many books that have changed my life in different ways. My most memorable ones have been fantasy ones. But a few contemporaries stand out, mainly Courtney Summers' Some Girls Are. It finally drove the point home that high school is but a tiny part of your whole life. It shapes you but it doesn't have to define you.

  5. Ooooo...I love how you categorized books according to how they changed you. LOVE IT.

    Thanks, and nice to see you on the Blog Hop this week.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
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