Six Signs I'm Getting Older

By HenleyF - June 29, 2017

Candles are funny things. They’re used to celebrate life, yet could potentially set fire to someone’s hair and burn the entire place down. Sorry, was that a little dark? Anyway, more and more of them are being piled on my birthday cake each year, and I’ve come to a realisation. I’m getting old. The time of having to act like an actual adult is coming closer and closer each second, and I don’t know if I’m ready! But here are some stepping stones that I’ve made along the way to young adulthood.
1 I’ve become an advocate for sleeping early. Yeah, I’m not that old but compared to my friends I’m like a grandma. I have an undone assignment due tomorrow? Sucks, but I’m still going to bed at max 11pm. My favourite tv show is airing / youtuber is live streaming? It’ll still be there when I wake up. Not only that, but I constantly drag one of my best friends for their bad sleeping habits. I’m the #coolmum of the group. Or maybe I’m just the mum, I don’t know.
2 I’m getting friendly with my professors. Which, really isn’t all that weird, but it’s a big step from the smaller me who could barely look teachers in the eye. I can actually hold a conversation now! Mind you, when I say friendly – I don’t mean we’re going out for brunch on sundays and gossiping about the other people in my class. That would be weird. What I mean, is that we smile at each other occasionally across the halls and can actively chat about life.
3 I realise how cringy some online personalities are. I’m not going to name any names, but some of the youtubers I used to watch when I was younger – phew. So many of them are overly loud, really unfunny and act like 12 year olds. I’m not naming and shaming because I realise that more often than not these are personas, another thing that I’ve realised, but it just gets a little too much for me sometimes.
Recommendation of the post: Booster Gold graphic novels. I recently read one of his comics and it blew my mind. It was amazing. He's basically a time-master in training so he goes around mingling with the suicide squad, the teen titans and the justice league. Pretty snazzy if you ask me. I was a huge fan of the art as well – really beautiful stuff.
4 I’ve started making spreadsheets to manage my finances. Admittedly, this isn’t something that I’m very good at. Sometimes I miss off months, or forget to add in all of the food that I’ve been buying but I am attempting to be organised. Buying and selling books comes with a need to track what I’m doing. It would be pretty useless to find out that I was spending twice as much on products, than what I’m actually getting back.
5 I'm unfriending people. When I was younger I was obsessed with the number of facebook friends that I had. Now – eh – not so much. I've realised that there really isn't a point in having large numbers if none of them interact with me. What sense does it make to be facebook buddies with someone who I've never really spoken to in my life, who doesn't like my profile picture or message me but is friends of a friend of a friend? None.
6 I still hate vegetables, but I'm trying my hardest to add some of them to my diet. I do normally substitute them with more fruit, but instead of just getting chicken and rice, I'm now getting chicken and rice and vegetables. I don't eat all of them, but I'm sure some of them are getting mixed in with the other stuff.

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Phew, that was a short and uneventful list. When did you realise you were getting older? Or have you not realised it yet, and are still a kid at heart?

'Til next time, Fleur xx

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  1. Oh, boy, number 1 and 3. I can relate. My husband and I go to bed at 7 sometimes (he wakes up for work at 445 but still, that's a lot of sleep we get haha). Also, I didn't really watch youtube when I was younger but nowadays, being part of the book community, I question why some youtubers are popular because they ARE overly loud and slightly immature. I can't watch their videos >.< Ah, the joy of getting older.

    1. That's dedication! I wish I could go to bed at 7, but sadly sometimes I'm not even back home by then. Coursework and activities are a nightmare! I completely feel you on the whole youtube thing. Some of them hurt my brain, but at the same time I understand that their demographic is probably pre-teens or tweens who might like that kind of thing. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to try harder and steer clear of them!

  2. We go to bed pretty early. My own dad makes fun of me and says I'm like a little old lady because I don't like going out at night during the week. I need my sleep!

    1. What are dads for, eh? We definitely need our sleep though! In my experience, I don't understand why so many people are shocked when someone says that they sleep before 10:30 to be honest. To each to their own though!

  3. Yes! Sleep is so important, I'm in bed by 9.

    1. Oh wow, well done! I wish I could go to bed that early, going to bed at 9pm seems like you could fit a good amount of sleep in – alas, my norm is 10:30. What time do you normally wake up?

  4. I definitely agree about some Youtubers and other online personalities. Call me cynical, but it's annoying, I can see right through it, and I just... don't get it? And I definitely need to up my veggie game, especially seeing as how I'm a vegetarian haha.