UGH, Poetry Books Annoy Me

Alright, alright, you got me. I don't actually hate poetry books. While I am terrible with money, I'm not terrible enough to spend 40+ on books just so I can create nice cover pictures. Actually, ignore what I just said. Only one of the books in this picture is actually a poetry book, I cropped out the other one. My bad!

Any who, poetry is wonderful. For some people a poem is simply words on a page, maybe they're rhyming words on a page, but that's all they are. That's okay. For other people, poetry speaks to them in a way that's completely personal, and that's okay too. Sometimes, you can be utterly in love with one particular poem and hate the rest of them. That's brilliant! I'm so glad that you, whoever you are, has managed to find something that you can relate to on a deeper level. If you're not that person, keep searching!

However, despite all of my praise, I do have some issues with poetry books. Yep, poetry books, you read that right. I'm not critiquing poetry, but rather the small, and rather expensive little bind ups that they come in. But I love poetry. Um, so here are all the things that annoy me about poetry books.

All Of The Poems Are Stuffed Together

This might be a personal thing, but I hate all of the poems being within fingerprints reach of each other, it's so impersonal. You can't get the full impact of the poem, because if your eyes move an INCH you get bombarded with a whole new era of feelings. Sorry, I didn't remember getting on a rollercoaster. I mean sure, I get that making it look more 'aesthetic' would mean using up more paper, but surely theres a better way to do it? Preferably one that doesn't make my brain do somersaults.

The Lack of Punctuation and Capital letters

Ooh, I mean weird punctuation doesn't really annoy me that much, but there are some poems where it really gets on my nerves. Sometimes it just seems so weird or misplaced to me, that it completely throws me off my game.

That They're So Absurdly Expensive

I understand that it costs more to produce because they aren't as popular as the more mainstream, fiction books. It still annoys me though. Shelling out $26 on a tiny paperback book, when you could buy two mainstream paper back books with 4x the content in it seems a little bit sad when you compare them. Good things come in overpriced packages?

I can't find them anywhere.

They're non existent everywhere but book depository. Which means that I have to wait 2+ weeks for them to arrive as well as having  to face the dreaded "We missed you, please come down to collect your package" or spend time trying to uncrease the smaller books. You know, the ones that have been stuffed into my way too small mailbox and are now bent obscenely into something that closely resembles a spit wad? Those smaller books.

Most of them don't really come in hardback versions.

Although to be honest, this isn't too much of an issue. It's just a little frustrating that every poetry book I has gets a little dented before I've even read it, which yeah, might be a little bit of my fault. But they would be harder to bend if the were hardbacks!


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Do you have some of these issues with poetry books, or am I just complaining into an abyss?

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  1. Poetry books are so expensive. I wish I could afford them.


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