Things That Make A Book Desirable To Me

This is me joining up with the gals at Brooke and Bookish for a Top Ten Tuesday post! The prompt this week is "Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book'

Yeah yeah, I know. Top ten Tuesday and I only have seven things on my list. It's terrible! However, given that I have a multitude of exams coming up, it's also quite realistic. In fact I should be studying for those exams right now, but I'm lazy and too much studying begins to melt my brain.

Huh, I say that like I've been studying a LOT. How does three hours everyday sound? Not as good when I tell you that I've had weekends off, and pretty much all of it was me taking down notes that I should have done before. I'm so screwed! Oh, I've also skimmed through a couple of the basic things that you would expect on a post like this. So I've really only made . . . 3 relevant points in this post. Go me.

Here Are Top Ten Seven Three Things That Make A Book Desirable To Me

I Saw The Word 'Royal' in the Blurb

This is in regards to the main character. If the love interest is royal, it's a maybe. If it's the main character discovering that she's this long lost princess who's vital to literally everything and so much better than everyone else . . . then probably no. Mind you, this only really works for fantasy or sci-fi. I don't tend to enjoy historical fiction that much and yes, I realise that genre is where the word 'royal' pops up the most often, but I need a hint of magic in there as well!

Reminds Me Of The Craft / Heathers / Jawbreaker.

I adore these movies, they're the perfect mix of petty high school girls, hot boys and death. A lot of death. I don't read a lot of contemporary, but I love fantasy books that are set in a contemporary time period – so uh, urban fantasy? Except the dark kind. In a high school.

I Forgot

Not me, I remember this point quite well seeing as how I just came up with it. If I were a more eloquent or precise writer, I might have titled this point "When people forget something vital and a great deal of the book focuses around that." However, I'm a terrible writer, and that title is way too long – so I guess we're stuck with "I forgot."

Anyways, I have this weird love for unreliable narrators, so I guess this kind of plays into that a little bit. When characters don't know something it tends to keep me on the edge aka makes for a more entertaining book. It's also extremely satisfying to finally figure something out, after pages and pages of annoyingly subtle hints and confusing references. It's an 'Ohhhhh' moment.

The 4 Cliche Points That Everyone Uses

The Cover

The Title

It's a little bit hit and miss with titles. Sometimes they appeal to me, while other times I cringe at how pretentious or cliche they are. Here are some that appeal to me:

The Kiss of Deception
Luckiest Girl Alive
Cruel Beauty
The Leftovers
Princess of Thorns


Hype has made me read books that I probably wouldn't have even glanced at before. I mean, when your whole feed is flooded with mentions of one particular book, it's pretty hard to pass by it in a sale / book store without contemplating buying it.

The Author

If I find an author that I love, you know that I'm going to be picking up their books left and right. Let's take Brandon Sanderson for example : I've read six of his books but have at least 10 of them on my shelf. So that means . . . I have at least four that I haven't even read. It also means that I'm terrible at money (although I did get them at a sale).

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  1. Replies
    1. It's such an interesting thing to have in a book!

  2. I'm an unreliable narrator and so was my mom, so I think that's why I like them, too.

  3. Those are all great titles. A good title and an awesome cover get me every time. And Heathers ha ha- I like books like that too sometimes. Give me all the drama. :)

    1. I LIVE FOR THE DRAMA! The story kind, the real kind messes me up a little :D Heathers was such a great film <3

  4. Definitely royals. I really like reading books with royals in them.

    1. Yes! Reading about royals is always so interesting.

  5. I pretty much fell into the cliche points. =P Not titles so much, but covers, the authors. Maybe it is hype, but just seeing the book EVERYWHERE I look. I think I cave to peer pressure. I have gotten better with that, since I have been burned a few times. Love all those 90s films, and I agree, books like that tend to be great. I did not see such clear trends with specifics like that (other than fun and romance).
    Sam @ WLABB

  6. This is a great list! I just love books with nice covers :-)
    Megan @

  7. Up until I joined the bookish community and started checking the social media, I remember reading old books, or books that nobody knows about. But the hype... OH, THE HYPE. Just like you say, when lots of people talk about how amazing, mind-blowing and stunning a certain book is, well... How can I say no to that? I mean, I HAVE to try! ahaha And because of the hype, I've picked up so many books! - some of them are even from genres I don't usually read :O


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