Percy Jackson Sucked

I watched the movie before I read the book, and wow they got a lot of things wrong. I have to say, I did enjoy the book more than the movie. Not as much as some people seemed to do, the movie did introduce me to Jake Abel after all, but I can see where all of the criticism comes from.

Good Things that Should Have Been Included in the Movie:

  • Ares, the god of war, who was a mismatch of confused feelings and angry scowls. He played a big part in getting the trio to where they got to, and was a huge part of setting up the next part of the story. I also kind of liked the way he was described, it would have been nice to see another god in the movie rather than just restricting it to Zeus' and Poseidon's playground fights. Having Ares would have introduced the bigger picture. 
  • Percy Jackson, the child outlaw. It wasn't mentioned all that much, but it did add a nice degree of tension to the story – it grounded the tale a little more in reality. I guess it kind of allowed the reader to connect a little more with him, and reminded us that the danger was quite real (even though it's fiction. you get what I mean ). Plus the stories that smelly gabe made up were even more satisfying when it came to Percy getting him back. I think this was mentioned in the movie, but it’s almost non existent. 
  • The abundance of milkshakes and burgers. I'm not kidding, the description of all the glorious food in the book made me hungry. It also made me feel super unhealthy and guilty, but let's not get into that. 
  • The cabin situation. The way it was described in the book made it seem so much more magnificent; it also portrays Luke's house as a cramped cabin filled with 20+ people. Not a luxurious house filled with tvs and videos games, as per the movie. Oh, I also liked the Luke in the book way better (sorry Jake Abel) because he actually trained the kids. He actually seemed like an older brother to the campers, which I though was super sweet.
  • In the book, good natured humour filled the pages, whereas in the movie . . . not so much. In my opinion, the humour of the book was what made me like it so much, it kept things light hearted while also emphasising how absurd the whole situation was. The movie tried a little, but it just didn't reach the level of the books.
  • The way that they discovered who Percy’s dad was. It was just so much more dramatic in the pages, from the fight scene to the healing, there was never a dull moment. 
  • In the movie, there was a hydra. In the books, there was a chihuahua. How do those two things correlate, even in the slightest? Not only that, but they were in a completely different place where the two animal attacks occured. In the movie, the trio are together, but in the books it's only Percy. 
  • Why tf does Percy use the winged shoes in the movie? The book even states the reason why he doesn't, and it makes complete sense that he should stay the hell away from them. The fact that he doesn't wear them, contributes quite a big part to the plot! But the movie just didn't include it because . . . it was too much for them to bother to include?
  • Chiron had such a little part in the movie. I'm sorry to say this, but he seemed annoying and self righteous when I watched it. Then I read the book and I kind of fell in love (totally platonic). He actually seemed like a good mentor in the books, and you could tell how hard he was trying. Unlike the one in the movie who seemed very blasé about everything.

Things I’m glad Weren’t in the Movie:

  • I guess I’m kind of glad that the age wasn’t included in the movie. I know it’s a little bit selfish, but I find the I generally tend not to read / watch movies that are about people who are a lot younger than me. Maybe it’s because I automatically assume that it will be a little immature? Whatever it is, I found that I actually didn’t mind it too much in the books, however I defeinitly would have been a little uncomfortable watching twelve years olds on screen. Especially when faced against people who are way older (Luke, 19. Ares, super old. M, super old.)


  1. Ok I admit I was ready to get annoyed with this post because of the title hahaha PJO is one of my favorite series :P I agree with you, the movie was so bad. BUT, I'm glad because I probably wouldn't read the book if I hadn't watch the movie! Also I like Logan Lerman hahaha and I like to have faces for the characters so it's easier for me to imagine. But yes to the other things! The humor is, I think, the strongest aspect of the book. It's Riordan's trademark. But in the movie we only got to see snippets of it. I admire Chiron as well and it's a good thing you love him because he'll play a big role in the future books :D

  2. For a minute there, looking at the title, I thought you meant the books. Thankfully, that wasn't the case, haha. However, I'm still quite thankful to them, since I would have never read the series if I hadn't watched the movie. But, overall, the books are more interesting to me, because there are tons of scenes with parallels between the Greek world and Modern-Western world. The chihuahua moment is one of my favorite scenes ever! Rick Riordan is able to create this world that is sort of living under our noses the entire time; we just don't notice it. I remember that when I first read the series I'd always try to look out for things around me - especially monsters, hahah. I also think the Percy from the movie is very plain and not the sarcastic, funny kid he is in the books. But, I agree that the age-change was a good choice! I think it made the characters more realistic in a few ways. Anyway, sorry for the long rant, but I just always have a lot of feeling swhen it comes to PJO, hahah.

  3. honestly the movies were so bad! i can't believe they were even made ugh. i absolutely love the books, and rick riordan is one of my all time fav authors. i think that's because percy jackson is one of the first few books that i read and really loved. if i read them now (for the first time), i dont think i'd like them. i've matured more as a person and as a reader. im really not into a lot of the urban fantasy things that i used to be. sometimes people forget that it's okay to not like something as much as someone else, but there are many logical and very real reasons as to why you felt the way you did compared to me.

  4. Oh my goodness, I've been contemplating writing a post like this ever since watching the movies. I read the books first, so while watching the movie my mind (and occasionally my tongue) would scream: NOOOOO THAT'S NOT IN THE BOOK WHAT THE GUAC! And all that jazz. Like, I can totally understand why they would use a 16yo instead of a 12yo, but the other things just drove me out of mind and soul. I mean. I think Logan Lerman did a pretty good job portraying Percy *stupid grin* But the rest of the characters just... GAH. I can't even. And let's not mention the plot *shivers* Might as well just burn the books and Uncle Rick.

    But over all, I think they were actually pretty good movies... IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOKS. If you have... rip.

    Jazzy @ htpp://

  5. I got scared when I read the title of this post, because I've been meaning to read the Percy Jackson series for A LONG TIME, and people really love it, so I think you would have been the first negative review I'd have read ahaha But just like you say, people agree that the book is way better than the movie. I haven't read it yet, but I have watched the movie. To be honest, I enjoy watching it, but as I always prefer the book over the movie, I'm pretty sure this will be the case too ;)


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