How to Patiently Wait for an Upcoming Release

I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but the cover for A Poison Dark and Drowning ( A Shadow Bright and Burning #2 ) just came out and it is quite possible, the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen in a while. However, all that it’s done is made me want it more and made me want it now. As in if this doesn’t appear on my shelves in the next three days I’m going to be mad. HA just kidding, shipping to where I live is terrible. I would be lucky if it came within two weeks, let alone three days. Oh yeah, there’s also the fact that it hasn’t come out yet so . . . It still calls to me though, so I’ve come up with some ( slightly odd ) ways to deal with this.

Pace furiously
I do this anyways, especially when I’m waiting for something. You know what they say: burning circular holes in the ground always makes things come faster. Tried, tested and confirmed by 99% of the scientists that I’ve talked to about this . . well there was that kid who does chemistry. I also sent an email to Bill Nye, but it must have gotten lost in his inbox because he hasn’t replied to me yet.

Oh, this also reminded me of Cait at PaperFury because hey, they start with the same letters.

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Sacrifice something in frustration
A piece of toast? The unread books on your shelf? Whatever it is, make sure that happy publisher material (nothing alive please). If you don’t do this, the delayed publication could be your fault! Just kidding, who knows what goes on in the heads of publishers. Certainly not me.

Write a letter to father christmas
Sure, it isn’t christmas anymore (although I wish it was), but you can never underestimate the power of a jolly fat man who seems to love giving. Maybe he’ll realise that bookworms aren’t real worms, and make up for all of those times that he left the book buying to our parents. Surely I should have gotten a bookstore by now?

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Sit in bookshops for hours on end, hoping that they’ll get stock early
You have done this . . . right? I’m not the only one? It’s just that it’s super satisfying when you see someone lay out the book that you’ve wanted, on the shelves for the firST TIME and you’re the first person who gets it. Although maybe that is just me and my uber over competitiveness.

Ask your dog to go in and steal an arc
This one definitely depends on how nice your dog is. Mine is a little mean, so when I asked him to go and do this; he turned his back on me and went to sunbathe on our balcony. I’m sure there are some nice dogs out there though! If you manage to get them to do this, ask them if they’ll steal me one too?

Reread previous books in the series or by the author
This could have a completely different effect on depending on how fast you read. Maybe you’ll get through all of their 62 books within a week, have three hundred more years to wait but want to read the upcoming book even MORE. That would suck. Although if you’re not a superhuman reader, then maybe you’ll finish rereading the books just in time for the next one to come out. Just a ( very good ) thought.

Pretend you’re an agent for their publisher and request a copy
100% guaranteed to work. What do you mean you need some kind of proof?

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  1. Haha I loved this post! I will have to use some of your techniques while I wait for ACOMAF to be released!

    Nihaad | Read & Seek

  2. Bwhahah this is too funny! I don't have a dog, but perhaps some nice publisher would give books to my innocent-looking children? My cat is in no way friendly enough ;) But in seriousness, I feel you so much- waiting is HARD, especially when it is a sequel that you NEED to read badly.

  3. I only see a few minor flaws in these suggestions (they're very small flaws so really, nothing could go wrong). I especially like the one where you pretend you're the agent for the publisher. I think the one which is least likely to be successful is the dog stealing one. No dog is nice enough to commit a crime. They're so selfish like that. I will try and implement these suggestions for Strange the Dreamer. I need that book in my hands like last year.

    1. *gasp* You're so right! Dogs are way too nice, maybe I'll have to try and find a cat . . . Any ideas? Yes! Strange the Dreamer sounds like it's going to be so good, I keep seeing so many positive reviews popping up on my bloglovin' dashboard. I wasn't a huGe fan of her first series, but I think I might give this a go!

  4. I have this for so many books! Another method I use is I scour the internet for any giveaway possible and then enter each and every one!

    1. Entering giveaways sounds very sensible! I'm always tempted to try my luck with them, whenever they come my way. I actually won one quite recently!

  5. I'm terrible at being patient for books. I get so excited for so many books!
    Megan @


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