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I've was feeling kind of lazy and decided to not flesh these out anymore. I'm sorry! You're probably able to get an idea of what the book was like through reading these though. There a little more than a sentence, but a little less than a full review. They're both in completely different formats though!

Alice by Christina Henry

detached but whimsical feel, just like the original
gruesome, but you could see where the inspiration came from
the start was three stars, but the middle was 5 and the end was 4
paints a terrible world
hatcher was lovely, though a little scary
cheshire unnerved me, but there was no denying that he was useful
I think I liked him a little more than alice did
the ending was odd, but so Alice that it made perfect sense
there was little to no interaction with the jaberwocky
but that was okay, because otherwise the book would have been too stuffed of evil for readers to cope
a lot of rape though
and stereotypical separation of men and women
the men are mostly all pigs and can’t control themselves when lustful
quite a lot of the women were being used by the ‘more powerful’ men
it is true to the times though
you were able to tell that alice was trapped in the mindset of a 16
she had a huge degree of innocence, even after the killing of people
I understood her regret at not being able to live an adult life, and felt sorry for her. 
didn’t completely get the feeling that they had known each other for over 8 years
looking forward to the next book!!

    Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake
    “It was only a joke, Mia,” says Bree gently. “Of course I do not wish that. No one really wishes to be queen."


    1. The triplet aspect. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always found the idea of siblings against sibglings kind of interesting when it’s done right. 
    2. That the the world is run by capable women. Almost every single position of power is taken up by women. They’re at the head of the council, they run the temples and most importantly, they are the queens. There are no princes or kings, there’s simply the king consort who has little to no power. He’s just a pretty face from what it seems, nothing more. 
    3. The amount of love that’s floating around the adoptive families, even though they’re not biologically related. 
    4. The descriptions of food. Especially on the part of the island where Arisnoe lives. Now I’m not a huge fan of seafood, but the food in this made me hungry. There were clams stuffed with bacon and juicy roast chickens.
    5. The politics. This is actually an aspect that most people didn’t like, although I’m a sucker for backstabbing and clever manouvers so this was perfect for me!
    6. The trials that they have to go through. Eating a poisoned banquet, calling a familiar and bringing all fury from the elements.
    7. The fact that they’re all on one island. I didn’t get this at first, I though they were all on seperate islands.
    8. The Brutality. Children who are born with the sight are drowned at birth (much like some of the more ancient civilizations used to, I think it might have been the aztecs or the incas). 

    Didn't Like

    1. How Katherine changed from meek & whiney, to a complete badass in a couple of months. There wasn’t even a proper reason. I mean sure, along comes a boy who wants to teach her how to win hearts but in that short a time you can’t completely reinvent someone. Show me a boy who can actually do that, and I’ll give you $100 (not really, I’m broke but you get the picture).
    2. The way in which Mirabella completely changed her mind. Throughout the whole book, she’s got such a beautifully positive mindset, which was one of the reasons I loved her so much. She appeared to be the light in the midst of the darkness. Then she does a complete 180 and I now kind of hate her?

    Characters I Liked
    Arisnoe, Billy, Jules, Magdrial, Elizabeth,

    Characters I Had Mixed Feeling About
    Katherine, Mirabella, Natalia, Bree, 

    Characters I Disliked
    Genevive, Rho, Luca, Sophia, William, Joseph

     💫 society6
    Have you read either of these books, or do you plan to? I know that Alice wasn't something that was on my radar before, but perhaps it was on yours? I managed to grab it in a buy one, get one half price deal - and I had a voucher so I really didn't need to spend any of my own money. Thanks Father Christmas! (mum)

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