Should We Own Multiple Editions of the Same Book? CONS

By HenleyF - December 08, 2016

As with everything, there are pros and cons of owning multiple editions of the same book. Even if we really really love the book. These are the cons. You can find the post 'Should We Own Multiple Editions of the Same Book? PROS' here.

Takes up space
I wish I could house a library in my room, I really do. The sad fact is I need the room for other things, like doing homework and sleeping and having a place to actually read the books that I've accumulated. If I have three editions of one book, that means I'll have one less book that I'll be able to fit into my room - and that poses a dilemma. Out of these two books that I adore, which one should I get rid of? This one, that I have two other copies of OR this one, which is the only one I own. Usually the second option, which a) is a waste of money and b) makes me a little sad. Also, hardbacks take up like double of what some paperbacks do. SO theres that.

Causes you to ignore other (possibly amazing) books!
Wandering around the bookshop is always fun, you get to pick up new and exciting books that you haven't seen before or you find books that you already know and love! However if you've only got the budget for one book, you wont be able to pick up that new book with the really pretty cover and kick ass synopsis. You miss out!

Expensive as hell
Usually, when we have a second edition of a book, it ends up being hardback. Um, I don't know how much hardcovers are where you live - but where I am they can be anything from $30 - $50. Yeah, it's a lot. If you use something like book depository or online second hand shops then you can get them a tad cheaper, but there are loads of different factors that come into that. Wait time, if the book will get damaged on the way, if the book has missing pages, the cover, the age and so many other things (I'm picky, I know). Personally, I would much rather buy five / six paperbacks than two hardback books of the same book.

Forces us to focus on more materialistic things
I mean, usually they all have the same content aside from bonuses. Do we really NEED those other books? This might not be a con for some people, but in my opinion we it comes down to it, books are supposed to be about the experience that we get when reading them. Not about how good they look on your shelves. Sure, taking pictures and looking at the books might be fun, but does it enhance your experience? Does it bring something new to the table?

Can take away the opportunity for others to discover the book
If you already have it but it's in a sale and the only one left - you have to consider your options. If you're doing it to support the author, think about whether you (already a fan I'm assuming) buying the book would be more beneficial to them or whether someone new (with possibilities to convert into a fan) buying the book would be even better. You wouldn't even need to lend it to them! They would buy it themselves and you would still be able to chat about books with them (if you wanted to).

You could sell the second edition to afford more books
I do this quite often actually. I know that if I have more than one version of a book, that I'm never going to be able to read them both at the same time (I mean duh) - I have two editions of the queen of the tearling and I haven't even touched the paper back. Although having said that, the queen of the tearling is probably the one pair of books that I'm never going to sell because whenever I go online they're always super rare? I don't know if I'm waiting for them to become even more rare so that I can sell them for extra, or if I'm just worried that they'll stop being produced. A pair of books that I have sold though, is Jenny Han's series ps. I still love you. I sold the paperbacks and managed to buy the hardback versions of them! More strength, although less ease of travel.

So do you think we should own more than one edition of the same book? If you haven't read the pros that I've written out, click here so you can get more of a balanced overview! Oh, and feel free to add any other con that you can think of. 

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  1. Whoaaa, $30-50?! That's ridiculous! I would be able to own like, zero hardcovers. Yikes, that makes a lot of sense. I DO agree with the materialistic piece. I worry about that a LOT. Like, what if I saved ALL the money I spent on books, you know? Sure, $8 here, $11 there doesn't seem like a lot in the moment but over time... maybe I could have really done more good with the money. And definitely space is an issue! I've been trying to get better, and overall, I have been, but... weak moments haha. Loved this post and the pros post, too!

    1. It is ridiculous! I'm sure that if I saved all the money that I spent on books this year, I probably would have been able to buy myself a new computer by now. Well maybe not, but you get the gist. This is especially relevant because out of all those books that I've bought, I have about 30 unread ones just lying around in my bedroom! Not the best use of space at all. I really need to get myself a little bit more sorted out haha :D Thanks for stopping by Shannon x

  2. This is suuuuch a great post and I agree with all of it! I know buying multiple editions might not be an issue for someone with cash to spare, but is for the majority of us. I have A LOT of mismatched series, like the first book is hardback and the rests are papaerback, or a mix of US/UK edition within series. I keep saying I hate them and want to buy the same books from different edition just so everything matches but I never actually do that hahaha I much rather spend my money on other books I haven't read. After all, not all of my money goes to book anyway hehe and where do you live? $30-50 for a hardback is SUPER EXPENSIVE! My currency is a joke compared to USD but I could still buy hardcovers for around $15 - 25 hehe

    Puput @ Sparkling Letters

    1. Exactly! I don't think people should truly spend ALL of their money on books, it's good to buy a few experiences as well. Especially when books are so expensive c: I think I live pretty close to you actually, you live in Indonesia right? We're pretty close actually, I live like three hours away from you by plane. Thanks for popping by x

  3. I've only thought about buying multiple editions of the same book once: after the new covers of Percy Jackson were released. I have all five books in the series, but they're a bit damaged already. The older editions had gold letters on the title and a few letters are now fading, so you can't read the proper title. However, I would never get rid of them! Even though they're damaged, they're my babes, you know? Hahah
    After giving it a second thought, I realized it would be too much money. Books in general are expensve where I live and since I wouldn't get rid of the old versions, it would be a waste.
    I agree with everything you said on this post; although it is nice to have a lot of pretty books in our shelves, we really have to think about it before buying multiple copies of the same novel. Especially if we don't think about re-reading them in the future.
    Anyways, great post, Fleur! And sorry for my huge comment!

    1. I completely understand where you're coming from with the Percy Jackson books! The new covers are admittedly gorgeous, I'm definitely tempted to buy the whole set - even though I haven't read the first book. Although I also agree, that it would be a little too much.
      I'm really glad that my points managed to resonate with you! Also, thank you so much for leaving a long comment. It make take time for me to get back to you, but I loved reading everything that you had to say! Thanks for popping by x

  4. WOW! If books are that pricey where you live I think that one copy is more than enough!!

    1. YES! They can be so expensive, thankful that we have book depository though!

  5. Interesting points, especially the materialistic side of things. I do have two copies of my favourite book, but one of them is second-hand because that edition is now out of print. In general, I don't get the owning own multiple copies thing, unless it's one really we really love, but each to their own. In general, I like to simplicity: am I going to use/read/take pictures of the pretty regularly or will it soon get lost amongst my other books? I know it's quite the bookish dilemma for many readers...

    1. Ooh yes! I only have two books as of now, that I have two copies of - although that will probably change because I'm trying to sell / trade one of them. I understand why people like owning more than one copy, though I just cant seem to follow their train of thought. Taking photos of the books is definitely something that crosses my mind when thinking about multiple copies, sometimes it looks really cool to see how the covers have progressed over the years!

  6. Wow! $30 - $50 is super expensive! I would have no hardback editions then. I really don't have a lot of multiple editions. I have a couple where I replaced the first book in a series with the new cover so that they would match. But honestly, I have way more mismatched series. I'm really short on space too, so I would rather buy a new book to take up space instead of buying a multiple.

    Great post! Thanks for linking it up on Saturday Situation.