Should We Own Multiple Editions of the Same Book? PROS

So, I've been grappling with myself and trying to figure out whether or not I should keep two editions of the same book. I kind of decided to write it out? So here are the pros of owning more than one version of the same book. If you want the cons, they can be found here (ps if the link doesn't work, I may not have posted it yet. Sorry about that).

It looks pretty on your shelf
C'mon, those amazing bookstagram shots have us all in an extreme state of jealousy. How do they do it? I haven't the faintest clue, but having different looks and editions could definitely help in the aesthetics departments. What if your duvet is blue but your book is orange? In no way does that fit with the whole fall colours theme that you're trying out (okay the orange does, but let's ignore that).

You get to share the emotional torment, while still having something to cry about :)
Who doesn't love a good cry along with your friends? It's like a book club, only you're giving out all of the books rather than each buying your own. But thats alright, because now you can both read it together and discuss. Sorry, did I say discuss? I meant sob about way into the night.

You encourage the author to write more books
I mean, I get super encouraged when people leave comments underneath my posts or share my posts on their own social media accounts. I can only assume that authors feel the same way about it when one more book gets sold, one more book is off the shelf and into loving hands. Well, if I were an author I would hope that it was loving hands, rather than having to face the option that it will be given as a gift and used by a disgruntled relative as toilet paper. Because that would be kind of weird, and disheartening.

Different languages help you think about things differently
Languages have never really been my forte, so I can't really say too much on this topic. I can say, however, that certain things manage to give you different perspectives of things - or make things happen in a different way. This can be good in a sense that you become slightly more well rounded in your understanding of the world and the characters! For example, I know someone whose first language is dutch, but says she has a completely different personality when speaking English. Maybe it could be the same for books?

It makes you happy
Unless it's for school, we generally read books to make us happy. Uh, and maybe to widen our vocabulary, learn about the world and achieve things in life. But those things aren't really as important. If the act of reading makes us happy, then why shouldn't the books continue to make us happy outside of those precious hours that we get alone with them? I say if something makes you happy, do it. Except murder and stabbing and things like that. Don't do that.

Some editions have extras! eg posters, excerpts, illustrations
Extras are always important! If you're invested in the book and it's characters, then it makes sense to have a little something more that connects and reminds you of their world. It can be as simple as a poster, or small little excerpts of the next book that keep you on your toes. The downside of this, is that these usually come along as exclusives, depending on which book you get. So naturally if your version doesn't come with the rare something or other, but you have the chance to get it (and you really really want it) - then get it?

The cover captures the essence of what the book is about better
I'm pretty sure we all know that torment of having a pretty girl on the front, which sure, it looks nice - but it has absolutely nothing to do with the actual content of the book. Like?? The main character in this book doesn't even have brown hair, but the cover is making me think she's a super tall and skinny brunette. I thought she was 5'2? That stuff really messes up how I imagine things, which is why it's super important to have a cover represent the content! It's like those people who buy super expensive cars, but can't pay rent in time. Counterproductive.

You need the books to be the same size!
It's always annoying when things don't fit quite right, like your finger in a ring or the headphones in the iphone seven. So why should books be any different? If you're a very aesthetic or structured person, then the idea of everything fitting together might give you a sense of satisfaction. Books are supposed to make you happy.

Do you have any positives to add? C'mon, knowing me, I must have missed something out. Also! I'm currently in love with my photography. Is that vain of me to say? I'm just super proud of it rn.

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  1. I do have a few multiple copies of books too! Most of mine are accidents though, hehhe, like I bought a book and then I win or get givena second copy.😂 But I'm not complaining especially if they're different editions because THEY CAN BE SO PRETTY!! I have the paper back and hardcover of Blue Lily Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater and they're both GORGEOUS. And I lowkey would love to have more editions of Nevernight because all the editions are stunning works of art.!! My only negative really is that I don't have enough shelf space.😂

    1. Oh wow, definitely! All of the editions of Nevernight that I've seen, absolutely KICK ASS. I love how much thought has been put into them. Also, the way that the book is structured makes my heart hum - it's just so damn cute? In a stabby way of course.

  2. I don't usually keep extra editions (though I often acquire them lol) - mainly because I just don't have enough shelf space to justify it. The one exception is if I have a signed copy, then perhaps a special edition copy with extra content...

    1. I completely get where you're coming from! I mean, I don't actually have a single signed copy of anything (I'll just be crying over here), but I get you on the space thing. How do I fill up my bookshelves but make it look aesthetically pleasing at the same time?? Agh, the struggles.

  3. I actually have NEVER HAD MULTIPLE COPIES OF BOOKS. Sad me. And also I pretty much only have the UK covers because I live in Germany. BUT BUT BUT IF I COULD....I would totally keep all of them. Probably because I am a book dragon and I like to hoard things and I am completely illogical plus maybe they make for pretty pictures???? AND THEY ARE JUST NICE TO LOOK AT, MAN.

    1. I KNOW! I have that hoarding obsession as well, although I'm trying to force myself to get rid of some things (you can't take one step without nearly falling over something). It's a problem. I WISH I HAD MORE SPACE! Although this is probably the best it's going to get, I'll be moving in a couple of years to an EVEN SMALLER SPACE :(

  4. As someone who has an embarrassingly large number of Hunger Games editions (15 of THG, 13 of CF, 11 of MJ)... yes, yes it is okay. I mean, it isn't great for your bank account. Or the fire safety of your home, probably. But... ignore those things ;) I have TRIED to calm down and ONLY buy multiple editions of favorites but... there are times I cannot help myself! Like I own The Wrath and the Dawn HCs but have you seen the new PB covers? I NEED. So basically, what I am saying is, I hoard books and I will totally be here if you need someone to enable you to do so too ;)

  5. YES TO ALL OF THEM!! Great discussion!! I own two copies of Cinder however one is completely ruined by reading it so many times!! Hehe. We just can't help but buy pretty books :)(and multiple copies too muahaha)
    Prabhleen @ Booksarelife987


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