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"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted here, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.
Technically, this book was released in February 2016. Realistically, I generally do all of my book purchasing on book depository and for some reason the paper back version of this is listed as a paperback. A paperback that comes out in 254 days. Yeah, I don't get it either.

I just read the first book and damn was it good (review coming on friday). Plus, there was a little snippet at the end. You know those pages that give you a sneak peek into the next book? One of those. I NEED TO KNOW. WHat happens? WHere is the boy (if you've read it you may know who I'm talking about. although maybe not. that was a bit vague). WHAT'S HAPPENED IN THOSE THREE MONTHS?????

The Rule of Mirrors
as of date posted avg. rating is 3.87

At the remote, exclusive Chimera Centre, families of coma patients come from all over the world seeking miracles. When Althea Flores wakes up from a six-month coma, her recovery defies the limits of hope and science—except she can’t remember anything about her own life. Instead, she has all the memories of Rosie Sinclair, the missing Forge Show star, and she’s pregnant.

Far from the Chimera Centre, in a secret vault, the sleeping body of Rosie Sinclair is captive to the doctors who mine her dreams. Heavily sedated, Rosie struggles to awaken and manipulate her keeper for a chance to escape. She knows what she’ll do once she’s free—wreak vengeance on Dean Berg, the man who stole her dreams and turned her life into a nightmare.

Told in alternating points of view between the girl who has Rosie’s consciousness in a new, pregnant body, and the girl whose shattered subconscious rules Rosie’s old body, the second installment of The Vault of Dreamers trilogy is an intricate, psychologically thrilling novel about layers of identity, what lies in the mirror, and the link between body and soul.

So what are you waiting on this Wednesday? Or any day of the week really. Leave a comment down below so we can chat about it! Sidenote, have you noticed how frequently I've been posting? I'm pretty proud of myself tbh. Previously I was posting like, once a month! Although saying that will probably jinx it *sigh*


  1. What am I waiting on. Hmmm. I just finished Death's End which I've really been waiting on. Now what am I waiting on... You know, I can't think of it. A mind has to clear itself after the biggest book of three months, I guess! I'll just say that I'm waiting on my anniversary with BF, because it's this weekend :D

    And since you don't have any comment luv kind of plugins, I'll boldly leave my newest blog post about the aforementioned book here in the comment :) hope you don't mind.

    1. Aw that's adorable <3 I hope you and your BF have a great anniversary! I'm glad you managed to find and read a book you were waiting on as well, I always find that the long wait makes it even more satisfactory.

      I don't mind at all! Although there is a way to plug your post using html (it's super simple, I promise). If you're interested you could search up 'how to leave a link on a blog post' so that you can have the comment luv effect everywhere? Thanks for visiting Evelina x

  2. Ohhh waiting for book is the worst! I preordered Crooked Kingdom on bookdepository but after waiting for 2 weeks they canceled my order because the book was unavailable :( ended up buying it from my local bookstore though haha I'm currently waiting for Heartless by Marissa Meyer which will be released in a couple days and I'm excited because I loved The Lunar Chronicles! <3

    Thank you for visiting Sparkling Letters earlier :)

  3. Waiting for books is so hard! Hope you enjoyed this one after the wait.


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