The Grownup Playlist (+ 5 Sentence Review)

Nothing special, good time-waster though.

Don't Believe You by Thief (couldn't even find this on youtube???)
because of the shit storm of LIES

RU Crazy by Conor Maynard here
which one was crazy again?

Psycho by Rozzi Crane here
Agh, that one.

Aint My Fault by Zara Larsson here
it's legit her job, you don't blame the writer for writing books (well you can, but that's beside the point).

Blow Your Mind (Mwah) by Dua Lipa here
because she blows peoples minds. just kidding, she uses her hands.

Boo Hoo by Nick Tangorra here
mike and . . . well you'll know if you read the book.

I have absolutely no idea what my text is doing, nor how to fix it. Sorry guys, looks like we're stuck with this for now! I'm pretty sure that my playlist will make zero sense to people who haven't finished/read the book. It barely makes sense to me, but it was fun to make! Even though my review kind of makes it sound terrible, it's less than a hundred pages so why not read it?

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  1. Its less than a hundred pages? Oh and also my school library has it. Gotta run to get it issued on the website...


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