Books That Took You the Longest to Finish

Just in case anyone was wondering, this is definitely not me. It is however, an accurate representation of what I look like when a book is getting me down and taking way, way longer than expected.

I have been really, really really inactive (I think my last post was actually in summer) and I’m feeling guilty about it, but I’m not really sure why tbh. I was hugely lacking in the creativity department and I still am, so I thought I would start my hopeful return with a top five Wednesday. If you’re interested in joining in, and doing your own top five wednesday - feel free to look through this group for the topics!

one. The first on my list is Money by Martin Amis.

This was a book I had to read for school. For some awful unknown reason, the mere fact of a book being ‘for school’ puts me off entirely. I’m not even sure why! On the same school reading list as this book was ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ which I have actually wanted to read for years, but the whole school thing put me off and now here I am with an unfinished book. I actually didn’t mind this book, albeit it did get extrEMEly repetitive in some parts, it was entirely and wholly messed up - which is what I look for in a book (don’t lie, I’m sure some of you do to).

two. The next is Wool by Hugh Howey.
I actually loved this concept, the characters, the world and the little twist at the very beginning (yes at the START of the book, goddamn it’s devastating). Yet I found myself drifting off or getting distracted with other things, all the while having a massively huge (two words that mean the same thing in a row? what am I doing) book nestled on my lap. I’m not sure why, the plot was engrossing and interesting, and I loved the main characters! Although, now that I come to think of it they were quite a bit older than me . . . but that hasn’t stopped me from loving a book before. Hm. So yeah, entirely in the dark with this one. If you’re a subconscious mind reader and know why it took me so long to finish this book, let me know.

three. The third book is the Glass Arrow by Kristen Simmons.
I’m not sure this actually took me that long to read, but it felt like ages. Especially in that awful second part where literally nothing happened. It made me want to cry from boredom, and not even the adorable wolf/dog that kept popping up made me enjoy it. I mean, yeah, maybe Kristen wants us to feel what she’s feeling trapped in solitary, but isn’t Solitary supposed to be a better place for her than the prison/home? I think she actually states that at one point. Yet the interactions and things that happen in the home are way, way more exciting than hearing her look at a stream, think about a boy and rile up the gaurds. Especially the last point, there was a hella lot of that. 

Imma move on to more graphic things, because I can’t think of any more literary books that took me ages to finish (I probably got rid of them in my moving house clean out and cant find them on the shelves. A graphic novel that I couldn’t finish straight away is the DC comics, villain omnibus. I think it took me a year to actually get through all of the stories. Now you may be saying but you’re not meant to read omnibuses all in one go! which is very true, but uh, I’m a bit astounded that it took me a frckin YEAR. *sighs in disappointment with myself*

five. I also had a bit of trouble with the official illustrated guide to twilight?
Although I hadn’t even read the books, so I have no idea why I was even attempting to read it. I finished in the end, but I still have no clue to what the hell is going on in the series. 

POssibly completely off topic, but do you guys leave reviews for all of the books you don’t finish? Because I’ve seen loads of them littered around good reads, and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about them? I think I’ve left two reviews like that, when in reality that’s probably not even 10% of how many books I haven’t finished. I think reviewing the entire book can be a bit misleading for those who only look at the average, especially since you haven’t really read the whole book so you can’t make a good enough judgement of it. Anyways, maybe that’s just me. ps. scream queens has started up again, if any of you want to watch it.


  1. The Glass Arrow was on my TBR for a while but I've heard so many negative reviews of it! I didn't even know there was an illustrated guide to Twilight but I can imagine it taking a long time to finish!
    Here's our Top 5

    1. The glass arrow is a funny thing, it actually got better as it progressed! I almost DNF it so many times, loved the last two parts of the book though. I think I bought the twilight guide because of the pictures? I'm not entirely sure aha - thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. That's really disappointing to hear that it took you a while to finish The Glass Arrow (or, at least, it felt like it did!). I recently bought that book because it sounded amazing and a friend recommended it to me. But since then I have heard a few negative things about it. Disappointing, but hopefully I still enjoy it :)

    1. I definitely hope that you do! The book does get way better as it goes along, so if it seems boring at the start you might want to stick through it a little longer? Books are always open to interpretation, so if you read it I would love to know your thoughts on it!

  3. I've had The Glass Arrow on my TBR for awhile but haven't gotten around to it because I've heard so many mixed things so I'm not 100% sure I still want to read it haha Maybe someday if I'm really in the mood for it. :P

    Thanks for stopping by my T5W!

    1. It would be perfect for a rainy day when you have the option to cry along with the rain, over how bad the first few chapters were. Then rejoice over the last few chapters! Let me know if you ever get around to reading it, would love to compare thoughts c:


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