2017 Reporter Challenge

Rules: Each book can only be used only once in the challenge even if it fits into 2 or more categories. The challenge runs from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017. Books can be in any format – paper, ebooks, audio… Crossovers with other challenges are fine.

Cub reporter: 5 books ← I'm here with 4 Books
Columnist: 10 books
News Anchor: 15 books
Editor: 20 books
Newspaper Mogul: 25 books
BONUS: Pulitzer Prize Winner (Newspaper Mogul plus Bonus Category) = 30 books
Protagonist is a religious person (priest, nun, cleric, minister, deacon, etc) Grave Mercy
Protagonist is in the medical profession (doctor, nurse, EMT, hospital staff, etc.)
Protagonist is a dead person (ghost, skeleton, vampire, zombie…anybody who is dead)
Protagonist is a writer
Protagonist is an innkeeper (Inn, B&B, hotel, motel, etc)

A Short Story from an Anthology
Poison in the title
Weather in the title
A Cold Case (crime investigated is over 10 years old)
Time in the Title (minute, week, clock, year, hour, etc)

Set in a big city
NOT set on land (cruise ship, boat, airplane, spaceship, etc)
Set in a state beginning with the letter ‘N’
Set in England
Set in Europe (anywhere but England) The Circle I think this is set in Scandinavia

Set during a competition (Olympics, ballroom dancing, cooking contest, etc.)
Centers around a holiday
Set during summer
One where the protagonist has to beat the clock (time is crucial to solving mystery)
Set during a courtroom trial (Not the whole book)

Framed for Murder
Attempted Murder (victim recovers And I Darken
Fire (burned, smoke inhalation, etc.) Daughter of Deep Silence
Supernatural death (exsanguinations, staked, voodoo, magic, etc)
Accidental death

WHO - Protagonist is industrious (deaf, blind, wheelchair-bound, ADHD, Aspergers, etc.)
WHAT – Title starts with the same letter as your pet’s name (or the pet of someone close to you)
WHERE - Set at work (main event occurs at protagonist’s workplace)
WHEN – Book set during a snowstorm
HOW – 2 different attempts to kill the same victim (killer can be successful on 2nd attempt)

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