Leave Katie Hopkins Alone! Well, Leave Her Looks Alone.

May 25, 2018

Let's get something straight. Katie Hopkins is a vile, hateful person and not just because she said degrading things about Meghan Markle on her twitter. No. She's the kind of person who gets detained in South Africa for 'racial hatred or social violence' and mimics some speech patterns from the Nazis such as 'final solution' when talking about Muslims after the Manchester suicide bombing. All signs point to a horrible human being all around . . . but that doesn't mean we should be making fun of her looks.

Now I'm not saying that we can't drag her for her racist ideologies or her disgusting tendencies and I definitely don't want to preach. I just want to suggest that these are the things that we should be focusing on. Pick apart her character, the things she says and how she carries herself around other people. Call her out for her bigotry, not how many wrinkles she gets when she smiles. Because in all honesty, how unappealing you find her face has nothing do to with how unappealing her personality and biases actually are.

Katie is someone who has the negative type of confidence that causes her to think everyone should and does value her opinion – to the extent that she feels completely comfortable insulting other people. Unfortunately, when I put it like that, there are literally millions of other people on Twitter that are just like that but don't have an audience to call them out. Thanks to her status as a public figure, we are able to uncover information about her discriminatory values and degrading speech patterns. This means that we can call her out for them.

Call her out for her bigotry, not how many wrinkles she gets when she smiles.

The labels that she needs to be given, if any, are labels such as racist or discriminatory NOT ugly pig or old hag. The latter labels imply that there is something wrong with LOOKING like Katie Hopkins, the former labels imply that there is something wrong with ACTING like Katie Hopkins. Shall we all take a wild guess as to what's being attacked most? Take a look through Twitter and you'll notice that a whole bunch of people claiming to be against who Hopkins is as a person are also mainly attacking her looks. If you want an analogy, that's like having an allergic reaction to the chocolate chip ice-cream at your local ice cream shop but complaining about their lobsided sign instead.

Ultimately, this is a small reminder that what you say online matters. If you don't like Hopkins' view on something, say that. Shout it from the rooftops. Don't take the easy route out and attack what she looks like. It helps no one but Hopkins, as she's free to roam around spreading hatred while people focus on the superficial aspects of her. Because to some extent, Hopkins enjoys the backlash against her. It gives her more publicity and gives her the ammo she needs to claim that her opposition is shallow. 


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